Commercialization of religion in pakistan

The state religion in pakistan is islam, which is practiced by 96% of the population freedom of religion is guaranteed by the pakistan constitution pakistani constitution established a fundamental right in which all pakistani citizens irrespective of religions have equal rights the remaining four practice hinduism, christianity.

Religion almost all of the people of pakistan are muslims or at least follow islamic traditions, and islamic ideals and practices suffuse virtually all parts of pakistani life most pakistanis belong to the sunni sect, the major branch of islam there are also significant numbers of shīʿite muslims among sunnis, sufism is.

Commercialization of religion in pakistan rana eijaz ahmad assistant professor department of political science university of the punjab lahore, pakistan abida eijaz assistant professor institute of communication studies university of the punjab lahore, pakistan abstract in the twenty first century religion has been. Pakistan 2015 international religious freedom report executive summary the constitution establishes islam as the state religion, and requires all provisions of the law be consistent with islam the constitution states, “subject to law, public order, and morality, every citizen shall have the right to profess.

The pakistani magazine for design, branding, advertising, media and visual culture. The constitution provides for freedom of religion and belief and prohibits discrimination on the basis of religion report of the hearings on commercialization of religion and abuse of people's belief system cape malays of malayan-indonesian descent, individuals of indian or pakistani descent, and approximately. Commemorating the india/pakistan partition and the religious aspects of the ongoing conflict.

Commercialization of religion in pakistan

  • Pakistan was created to safeguard the moral, social and economic interests of the muslims of south asia, and today, if we were to look at the state of affairs of 200 million muslims of india, and the 200 million commercialization of the religion for personal economic or political gains is also a major issue in country's politics.

commercialization of religion in pakistan Pakistan, modernization have very severe impact on religion and many sub-sects have been created under the religion of islam each and keywords: religion, impacts, modernization, sects, pakhtun, pakistan 1 introduction internationalization, commercialization, transportation, communication, social mobility and.
Commercialization of religion in pakistan
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