Reflection on jesus

The verb “crucify” (forty-six times in the new testament) was used by the inspired writers of the new testament to depict the mode of jesus' death but not his only —two other men were crucified at the same time as christ all four gospel writers are emphatic that two criminals were crucified—one on either side of the savior. Perfectly human, jesus experienced the emotions that you and i deal with every day remember his experience with the money changers in the temple i'd say he got pretty angry there, though he was justified, but that's another reflection and here, in today's gospel, jesus experiences a level of sorrow. The resurrection means that jesus has been swept up out of the world of space and time in which he'd lived before, not to leave us alone, but to be closer to us than ever before, as he promised 'even to the end of time' before the resurrection, jesus was limited by the physical body into which he had. What is the significance of sheep and goats in scripture click here to view the readings for this sunday share post: digg-share facebook-share google- share linked-share my-space-share pinterest-share reddit-share stumble- upon-share twitter-share. In politically charged times it may be tempting to forward email containing nostalgic, sentimental or violent content for guidance, christians have asked, “ what would jesus do” (wwjd) this is a simpler question than others we could ask, such as: what was jesus thinking what did jesus think he was. Jesus said to the jewish crowds: “i am the living bread that came down from heaven whoever eats this bread will live forever and the bread that i will give is my flesh for the life of the world” the jews quarreled among themselves, saying, “how can this man give us his flesh to eat” jesus said to them. Jesus house holds a monthly day or evening of reflection, to provide you with a sacred space to reflect, renew and deepen your faith we engage a variety of speakers on topics that inform, inspire and ignite your spirituality, while living in a practical world give yourself a day or evening, where you can “just be” with other.

In the first century, some jews believed in jesus as the messiah and yet still wanted all the rituals of judaism the boundaries between christianity and judaism weren't clear, and these people weren't sure where their primary identity was the book of hebrews may have been written to some of them it was apparently. Reflection 65: jesus my master are you comfortable calling jesus your master some may prefer to call him “friend” or “shepherd” and these titles are true but what about master ideally, we will all come to give ourselves to our lord as the master of our lives we must not only become servants, we must. Christology: christology, christian reflection, teaching, and doctrine concerning jesus of nazareth christology is the part of theology that is concerned with the nature and work of jesus, including such matters as the incarnation, the resurrection, and his human and divine natures and their relationship the.

Jesus exercised his authority in his teaching not so much because he wanted to, but because he had to this is who he is he is god and when he speaks he speaks with the authority of god he speaks in such a way that people know his words have transforming meaning his words effect change in. Is your christian walk a reflection of jesus christ tandy shares her thoughts on forgiveness, reclamation, and transformation. Read a reflection of christ: a lesson from the life of joseph from christian radio ministry insight for living with chuck swindoll study the bible, learn about jesus christ, get christian living advice online.

Announcement about the birth of christ(luke 1:26-38) hilight after discussing with angel gabriel, mary is expressing her willingness to take up any hardship for her vocation to be the mother of the son of god that was a free-will consent and not an easy one to decide mary was not sure of the hardship. God made a promise long ago that he would always be with us and would always love us to some, this promise seems too good to be true we know that god fulfilled that promise by sending his only son, jesus jesus, in turn, sent the holy spirit to be with us at all times even so, we sometimes doubt. Christmas reflection: today is born our saviour in the liturgical year, we have now gone through advent – the time of preparation for the sacred birth – and have arrived at christmas, the time of celebration of the coming of jesus it is a time of great joy, since god has sent his son to live among us many families have a. Prayerful reflection on jesus' invitation invitation: this is an invitation and welcome into a transforming relationship the scripture passage for this session is your personal invitation to come into an ever-deepening relationship with jesus jesus invites you to bring the whole of your person into this relationship.

Reflection on jesus

“whoever exalts himself will be humbled but whoever humbles himself will be exalted” (matthew 23:12) jesus is not just humble, he is humility jesus is not transcended by his qualities or attributes, he is those attributes jesus is not simply truthful, he is truth itself his teaching on humility is not just words.

  • “to think about his humble life, but then step back and think about the ascended christ – the resurrected christ – the one who still watches over us, who pleads for us now and forever he is amazingly graceful we do all we can do, but after that, we are completely saved by his grace he is the source of our salvation.
  • The galilean: a poetic reflection on the life of jesus by vern bennom grimsley the career and character of christ were such that one out of every three persons on this planet today calls himself, or herself, a christian his name, jesus, was the greek form of the hebrew joshua it is translated savior it was a.
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We all have perspectives our perspectives depend on where we are at the moment the 7 utterances of jesus are 7 perspectives from the angle of the cross each of jesus' words summarize the purpose of his life and its implication on our life this is an 8-day devotional that takes you through the 7 utterances of jesus from. Reflection for the feast of the presentation of the lord - february 2, 2018 in 1997 , st john paul ii established the special day of consecrated life to coincide with the feast of the presentation of the child jesus in the temple of jerusalem ( february 2) the pope gave three reasons for his selection of. What qualities do we look for in a good leader how can we become better leaders ourselves thomas shufflebotham sj guides us in a prayerful reflection on just three qualities of jesus that any good christian leader should seek to emulate.

reflection on jesus To be true disciples of christ, means to take up our cross and follow him, in humility, patience and love this reflection consists of three sections - why jesus died for us why jesus was lifted up on a cross and the transforming power of the cross each section concludes with a short prayer why did jesus die.
Reflection on jesus
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